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Cinnamon buy Online Cinnamon or Daalchini is a warm, cocoa brown (sometimes reddish brown) colored spice, and is highly aromatic with a warm, sweet fragrance. Cinnamon is often dry roasted before use as this is thought to release even more flavor from it. Cinnamon is used to flavor both sweet and savoury dishes ranging from curries and spice mixes to drinks and desserts. Cinnamon is used in cures for respiratory ailments and for the relief of cold symptoms and to soothe coughs. Also Cinnamon is high in antioxidants and also has anti-bacterial properties. Also Terra Green's Cinnamon is used as a treatment for Type 2 Diabetes and is considered a great stress reliever and used extensively in Ayurvedic treatments and are certified under NPOP AND NOP standards of organic certification.
Cloves (Lavang) buy online Cloves are dark, blackish-brown in color and shaped like a nail and is highly aromatic. Cloves or Lavang are used whole in several curries and also fried with other whole spices like peppercorns, cardamom and cinnamon and added to dishes like Pilafs and Biryanis. Cloves have traditionally been used as a mouth freshener and Cloves (Clove oil) when applied on a cotton bud or even chewing a single clove relieves toothaches. Clove oil is an important component of many toothpastes. Terra Green's Cloves improve circulation, digestion and metabolism and are also used to prevent and treat stomach disorders and are certified under NPOP AND NOP standards of organic certification.
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Cumin buy Online Cumin seeds belong to the parsley and dill family and resemble caraway seeds and are used as a spice for their distinctive aroma. It is an aromatic spice with bitter and warm flavour and this ancient spice is popular in Indian, Mexican, North African, Middle Eastern, and western Chinese cuisines. Cumin is one of the most typical spices for India and is fried or roasted before usage and are certified under NPOP AND NOP standards of organic certification.