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Millet Organica: Organic Mixed Millet Breakfast Porridge. buy online High dietary fiber Low glycemic index Gluten free Helps in sugar & cholesterol management Minimally processed to retain natural goodness. Millet Story: Millets are many, round in shape, tiny in size, high in nutrition, capable of growing in harsh climatic condition, satisfying & healthy for self, society & the planet. They consume very less water, need no synthetic chemicals & are extremely energy efficient. Ingredients: Organic Millets (Italian Millet, Finger Millet, Little Millet, Kodo Millet)Proso Millet, Barnyard Millet, Amaranth. Nutritonal Information:Approximate Composition per 100g Nutrient Per 100g Energy 379.5 Kcal Protein 8.3 g carbohydrates 78 g Fat 3.8 g Dietary fiber 23 g Phosphorous 290 mg Iron 10 mg Procedure to cook porridge: Cook Millet Organica with water. The proportion of Millet Organica to water can be 1:3 as per the consistency desired. Cook the mixture for 15 mins on a low to medium flame Season the yummy Millet Organica porridge with salt as per taste Shelf life: Best before 9 months from the date of packaging
Beginnings : Mixed Millets 300gm buy online Made from Organic Ingredients High in Dietary Fiber Enriched with Vitamins Pristine Beginnings organic cereal flakes: Beginnings MIXED MILLET is made from rare exotic mixed millets, grown and processed organically- and therefore free from fertilizers, chemicals & additives. Enjoy the great natural flavor of the grains, the immense health benefits of exotic millets and the advantages of organic farming-all together! Ingredients: Organic Mixed Millet flours (Finger millet-Ragi, Foxtail millet-Navane, little millet-Samai, Kodo millet-Haraka), Organic whole wheat flour, Organic Rice flour, Amaranth flour, Guava Powder, Papaya Powder, Salt, Minerals and Vitamins Nutritional Information Nutrient Per 100g Per Serving(30g)(with 120ml skim milk) Energy 384 kcal 147 kcal Protein 9.10 g 5.73 g Carbohydrates 82.3 g 30.2 g Sugar 0.0 g 0.0 g Dietary Fibre 16.0 g 4.8 g Fat 2.15 g 0.76 g Trans Fatty Acids 0.0 g 0.0g Vitamin A 454 mcg 136 mcg Vitamin B1 1.2 mg 0.36 mg Vitamin B2 1.3 mg 0.39 mg Vitamin B3 15.0 mg 4.5 mg Vitamin B6 1.7 mg 0.51 mg Vitamin C 35.0 mg 10.5 mg Folate 85.0 mcg 25.5 mcg Calcium 110.0 mg 177.0 mg Phosphorous 270.0 mg 189.0 mg Iron 25.0 mg 7.75 mg Directions for use: Can be had with hot or cold milk, soya milk or fruit juice – add chopped fruit & nuts as you wish. Storage conditions: Store in cool and dry place. After opening the pack keep the contents in an airtight container. Shelf life: Best before 9 months from the date of manufacture
ASSAM TEAM LOOSE Strong, tart and malty with a dark reddish brown color, Assam tea is named after the Assam region of northeast India, the world's largest tea growing region. Assam tea is classified as a type of black tea and is commonly referred to as English breakfast or Irish breakfast tea. Assam tea is also associated with cardiovascular health, alertness and prvention of cancer and parkinson's disease. Terragreens Assam tea is procured straight from the slopes of assam to give you an experience comparable to none.
Beginnings : Mixed Millets Pristine Cereals Organic Millet Cereals buy online